Commercial Collections Lawyers

The issue of commercial collections can raise serious problems for a business. A business needs to pursue unpaid revenue, but in doing so it may risk alienating or embarrassing key customers — even those who provide the bulk of a firm’s revenues.

If your business needs to collect unpaid revenue, contact the experienced and effective commercial collections attorneys of the law firm of GoransonKing PLLC. Through the use of commercial debt collection law, we are skilled in recovering funds from debtors who are not honoring their payment obligations.

You Deserve Payment for the Services and Products You Have Delivered

Commercial debt collection presents challenges. Often, you are owed money because your customer or client is having a temporary cash flow problem. We recognize that often, your firm would like to collect payment and still retain the delinquent client and the client’s good will.

We can contact the debtor firm and work with them to arrange a satisfactory plan for payment. Often, a courteous but strong request for payment from an experienced lawyer can prompt payment with minimum disruption of a business relationship.

Complex Cases and the Obtaining and Enforcement of Judgments

We can also work to resolve more complex collection matters involving multiple parties, large sums, seriously delinquent payments and belligerent debtors.

When debtors refuse or consistently fail to pay, we can work to obtain and enforce judgments from courts ordering the payment of the debt. Unfortunately, obtaining a judgment, while a victory in itself, does not necessarily lead to payment. Judgments need to be enforced if a debtor ignores them.

We are relentless in enforcing clients’ judgments against debtors. The key to enforcing judgments and the ultimate collection of the debt is often persistence; once a debtor senses you have given up, payment becomes increasingly unlikely. Attorney Mark Goranson will consult with you regarding the cost-effectiveness of various legal tactics, then determine whether there are other parties responsible for the debt, pursue fraudulent conveyances, track veiled asset transfers and use other legal methods to pursue payment.

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If you have questions regarding commercial debt collection and invoice disputes, contact us. We bring decades of knowledge, skill, commitment and success to each case. We offer free initial consultations, are conveniently located five minutes from downtown near Memorial Park and the Galleria area and can provide Spanish language translation. Contact a commercial debt collection attorney at 713-526-9200.