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American businesses are more heavily regulated than ever before. Accidental and intentional violations of business laws and regulations can quickly lead to substantial and even massive fines and judgments, wiping out profits and angering shareholders.

In today’s business environment, the adage “the best defense is a good offense” is often the best approach to shielding your company from potential employment law litigation. Companies with well established and enforced policies are afforded an affirmative defense against of claims of discrimination and harassment. Likewise, ensuring that your employees are properly classified for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act can prevent the award of damages in large class action overtime claims by employees. The money spent on training your employees and management in regard to handling employment law issues can pay for itself in avoided lawsuits and peace of mind.

If you or the company you represent has questions regarding employer training and employment policies, contact the employment law firm of GoransonKing PLLC. We have provided on-site employee and management employment law training for over two decades.

Protecting Your Company from Employment-Related Litigation

Our firm provides two forms of training. One is to management, and the other is to employees:

  • Employee training. We can come to your facility and talk to employees about 1) what is and what is not discrimination and 2) how to address claims of discrimination. We can help distinguish between liking and favoring an employee, explain the dangers of insensitive joking and hostile work environments and define inappropriate touching. We believe educating a workforce in employment law ultimately benefits both employees and employers.
  • Management training. We can work with managers and supervisors to train them about employment law responsibilities. How should management respond to claims of discrimination? How do they ensure employment policies are enforced? Who is and who isn’t qualified to receive overtime pay? What records should a company keep? Using our proprietary materials, we can help your managers and supervisors avoid inadvertently violating Fair Labor Standards Act laws and save your company money.

We can also work with your firm to create employee handbooks and manuals, or amend current or purchased books to meet the specific needs of your organization. One size does not necessarily fit all when using template legal handbooks. We can review your current manuals to ensure your vacation, time-off and other policies are compliant with your industry and location.

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If you have questions regarding employment law or employer training and policies, contact us. We bring decades of knowledge, skill, commitment and success to each case. We offer free initial consultations, are conveniently located five minutes from downtown near Memorial Park and the Galleria area and can provide Spanish language translation on request. Contact a lawyer at 713-526-9200.