Partnership and Shareholder Disputes Attorneys

Partnership and shareholder disputes can slow down a thriving business and threaten to shut down a struggling one. They can also lead to serious financial consequences if one or more partners take more than their share of company funds.

If your firm faces a partnership or shareholder issue, contact the experienced Houston partnership agreement negotiation attorneys of GoransonKing PLLC.

Partnerships, closely held corporations and other multi-owner businesses may experience a wide range of ownership and other internal disputes. Common disputes our Houston, Texas, shareholder dispute lawyers handle include:

  • Disagreements over minority shareholders’ rights
  • Defense against claims from shareholders and shareholder attempts to take over control of a company
  • Allegations of money “skimming” from company accounts
  • Dissatisfaction with current leadership
  • Alter-ego and liability claims
  • Business breakups/business divorce

Attorney Mark Goranson can help resolve your dispute. If you and your partner are parting ways and you fear you may lose money or equity, we can work to negotiate a buyout. If you and your business partners disagree about your company’s accounting, we can go to court to get an accounting and to have a neutral receiver appointed to assess your financials. And if your partnership is dissolving or your other business entity is closing, we can facilitate a sale or liquidation in accordance with the ownership or shareholder agreement.

Negotiation Agreements, Arbitration Settlements and Litigation Judgments.

We can work with you at the beginning and throughout your dispute to assess risk and costs. Out-of-court agreements and settlements are often the most cost-effective methods of dispute resolution. However, when litigation is unavoidable, we will not hesitate to go to court. Both Mr. Goranson and attorney Linda King have extensive business law courtroom experience at the federal and state levels.

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