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After a loved one passes away, their estate must proceed through a legal process before the assets can be distributed to the rightful heirs. This process is known as probate and estate administration. However, in some families, there is such animosity that when the will is read, people have a difficult time coping with the decisions made by the decedent. In certain situations, a child may be cut out of the will. In other situations, the will was modified at the last moment, naming an unexpected beneficiary. When issues such as these occur, questions may arise over the validity of the will and a lawsuit may commence.

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Contesting Wills and Resolving Probate Disputes

Our goal in resolving will contests and other probate disputes is to ensure that the wishes of the decedent are upheld while also protecting the interests of our client. We handle probate litigation on behalf of the estate, beneficiaries and all other interested parties.

  • Will contests: People may choose to contest a will for numerous reasons — fraud, undue influence, duress, incapacity, etc. If your loved one was intimidated into naming a certain beneficiary or if your loved one lacked the capacity to understand the decisions he or she was making when the will was created or modified, the entire will may be thrown out. We represent clients on either side of will contests.
  • Other probate disputes: The personal representative of the estate is held responsible for handling all claims against the estate before the assets can be distributed — this can range from personal lawsuits against the decedent to creditor claims. If a creditor claim seems illegitimate, the personal representative has a duty to investigate the claim and contest it in court. Probate disputes may also arise when there is a problem with property documentation — for example, real estate documents containing title problems or deed problems may need to be resolved before the property is distributed to an heir.

Our attorneys offer experienced, committed and personalized legal service to clients involved in any type of will dispute.

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