Legal Malpractice Claims

The lawyers at GoransonKing believe their highest duty is to their clients. We take misconduct and unacceptable errors by legal professionals very seriously. We believe that it is the professional responsibility of every licensed attorney and paralegal to uphold the integrity of the profession. As attorneys who genuinely value the reputation of our profession and insist on lawyer accountability, we put justice for our clients first.

If you have lost a case or missed a legal opportunity because an attorney you hired failed to perform his or her professional duties or failed to meet the standard of care, please contact Mark Goranson at GoransonKing in Houston, Texas.

Negligence or Misuse of Your Trust Can Be Legal Malpractice

When you hire an attorney, you have a right to expect more than the filing of a lawsuit or writing a letter. You deserve an attorney who justifies your trust by:

  • Giving full attention to important details and deadlines of your case
  • Keeping you informed of all important actions, changes and decisions that may impact the outcome of your case, through a commitment of full disclosure
  • Promptly advising and reporting to you about any settlement offer or other significant development requiring a decision on your part
  • Being fully prepared to deal with developments in your case and representing your best interests
  • Zealously prosecuting your interests

These are some of the recognized duties of every lawyer, across all areas of the law — similar to a standard of care in medical matters. Failure to uphold these obligations to a client may constitute legal malpractice or professional negligence. Pursuing such a claim can be very intimidating for many people, especially if the negligent attorney is believed to have a good reputation or works for a large law firm. We recognize that any lawyer may make a mistake from time to time. When those mistakes are serious and unreasonable, however, you may need the help of an experienced and effective professional malpractice attorney in Houston to help you seek fair compensation for the damages you have suffered.

You have legal recourse if your attorney’s negligence or poor performance has resulted in:

  • Loss or dismissal of your case due to poor preparation or missed deadlines
  • Missed opportunities to settle a case favorably for you or the settlement of your case without your authorization or consent
  • Failure to file a lawsuit timely in accordance with the statue of limitations

Legal malpractice cases are difficult, but we welcome that challenge. When you have been victimized, we will move aggressively on your behalf by insisting on complete disclosure by your lawyer. When you need a lawyer who will hold another lawyer accountable, contact Mark Goranson.