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Covenants not to compete and trade secret laws involve a broad range of scenarios. Employees can leave and take valuable intellectual property or proprietary information regarding marketing, manufacturing and customers to a competitor. Employees can leave and start a competing business using information owned and developed by your firm. And employees can leave for legitimate career opportunities elsewhere and find their former employer has filed an action to prevent them from accepting their new position.

If you are involved in a dispute regarding a covenant not to compete or breach of a confidentiality agreement, or wish to protect your company from the threat of anticompetitive practices on the part of employees, former employees or competitors, it is important to work with an experienced employment law attorney.

Experienced in Protecting Your Company’s Assets and Competitive Edge

Linda King of GoransonKing PLLC has represented companies in protecting their trade secrets and proprietary information since 1985, and can help you or your company do the same. Disputes we have resolved include:

  • Trade secrets disputes during partnership breakups and “business divorces”
  • Employee “pirating,” where former employees take large numbers of former co-workers and start a competing firm
  • Trade secret disputes when employees with access to proprietary information leave to work for a competitor
  • Breach of confidentiality agreements or employment contacts
  • Tortious interference with your relationship with your customers

The best way to protect your confidential and proprietary information is to have an agreement that is tailored to your company’s needs. Recent changes in Texas law have made it clear that employers cannot prevent their employees from working for a competitor simply because the employee has signed a contract agreeing not to do so. A covenant not to compete must be tailored to meet the legitimate interests of the company without unnecessarily interfering with an employee’s right to earn a living.

If a former employee is violating an enforceable agreement not to work for a competitor or to reveal your company’s secrets, the attorney’s at GoransonKing PLLC can represent you in court to seek an immediate order to prevent disclosure of your company’s information or interference with you customer relationships.

Protecting Individual Employees’ Rights

We also work with individuals who are concerned about noncompetition problems when leaving an employer. Often, noncompetition provisions in employment agreements are unenforceable or do not apply in the situation in question. We can review your agreement and your case, and advocate for your right to work for the employer of your choice. If you are sued to prevent you from working for the employer of your choice, the attorneys at GoransonKing PLLC are experienced in defending employees for breaches of employment or confidentiality agreements.

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