Texas Lawyers Handling Wage and Hour Disputes

When employers fail to pay fair, legal or agreed-upon wages, overtime pay or commission pay, they can break laws and breach employment contracts and may be held liable for the unpaid earnings, fines and even punitive damages.

If you suspect your employer has committed a wage or overtime violation or if your employer has failed to pay you the commissions you have earned, contact GoransonKing PLLC to discuss a possible claim against your employer. We have defended the rights of employees in employee/employer disputes since 1985.

You Deserve Pay for Overtime Worked and for Commissions Earned

At our Houston law firm, our employment law attorneys handle various wage and hour disputes, including those claims arising from:

  • Failure to follow employment contract terms
  • Misclassification of an employee’s legal status (for example exempt/hourly vs. nonexempt/salaried) in order to avoid paying overtime
  • Refusal to pay overtime pay at time and a half
  • Failure to pay mandatory overtime
  • Failure to pay at least the minimum wage
  • Withholding of wages
  • Nonpayment of commissions upon termination, and failure to pay commissions consistent with commission agreements
  • Employer requests for employees to work “off the clock” and without pay
  • Executive compensation disputes

Off-the-Clock Work: Some employees may not even realize that they are being asked to work off-the-clock. However, if you cannot clock in until a specific time and must clock out at a specific time, yet are still expected to work beyond those hours, you are being asked to work off-the-clock. While it may seem harmless, it is a wage and hour violation. An employer may also deny meal and rest periods, such as when there is a lunch meeting (yet you are still required to clock out).

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Whether you are still employed, have left a company voluntarily or have been terminated, if you feel you are owed payment for wages, commissions, severance, profit sharing, vacation, performance bonuses or other owed compensation, we can help.

Texas employment law attorney Linda King is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Labor and Employment Law, and is a member of the Labor and Employment Law sections of the Texas, American and Houston Bar Associations. She has the experience, skills and resources needed to protect the rights of employees in Houston, and the surrounding areas.