Executive Compensation and Severance Lawyer

With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at GoransonKing PLLC have stood with our clients through many challenging times. If you are involved in a job change — whether you are going to lose your job or whether you are starting a new job — and if you are a high-level executive, our Houston executive compensation attorneys can assist you.

We handle executive compensation and severance pay agreement negotiations on behalf of employees as well as employers. To schedule your free initial consultation, please contact our Pasadena, Texas, severance pay agreement lawyers online.

Negotiating a Favorable Severance Package

Severance package negotiation can take place at all stages of an employee’s time with a company. Negotiations can begin during the initial salary offer or at the point in time at which the employee is leaving the company. Whether you are currently parting ways with your employer, plan to in the future or simply want a safety net if the situation arises, our skilled attorneys can draft and negotiate a severance package that protects your rights and best interests.

Negotiating Successful Executive Compensation

GoransonKing drafts and negotiates executive compensation contracts and executive employment contracts. We provide a comprehensive view on executive compensation and employment contracts, looking at all the options of what could happen. Executive compensation is much more than an employee’s salary, and we will explore all aspects of the matter as we handle negotiations. This includes handling negotiations involving non-compete agreements.

Contact a Houston, Texas, Severance Pay Agreement Attorney

If you have questions regarding executive compensation and severance packages, talk to our law firm. We bring decades of knowledge, skill, commitment and success to each case. We offer free initial consultations, are conveniently located five minutes from downtown near Memorial Park and the Galleria area and can provide Spanish language translation upon request. Call us at 713-526-9200.